Sunday, 26 June 2011

Unionists working together against Scotland

In May’s Scottish Parliament Election, the Liberal Democrats got what they deserved – next to nothing!

This is the party that eagerly jumped into bed with the Tories and signed-up to the most savage public spending cuts since Thatcher’s attack on ordinary men and women in the 1980s.  So keen were the Lib Dems to get their backsides on the backseats of ministerial motors that they happily ditched their principles and policies, including the commitment to not raise student tuition fees in England.

Also, we should not forget that through their coalition deal with the Tories, the Liberal Democrats ensured Scotland would be governed from London by parties that finished third and fourth, in terms of votes cast in Scotland.

Reduced to just five MSPs after May’s election – five too many – the Lib Dems had to seek a new leader in Scotland.  They didn’t exactly have a lot to choose from, which probably goes a long way to explaining how someone called Willie Rennie came to replace Tavish Scott.

Willie who?   Willie Rennie.  He lost his Westminster seat at the 2010 UK Election – having won Dunfermline & West Fife at a by-election in 2006.  He then managed to scrape into the Scottish Parliament this year, despite polling just 5.9% in the Mid-Scotland & Fife Regional vote.

Now Mr Rennie has decided he will defend the British Union and has taken it upon himself to ‘warn’ the people of Scotland that, “Because Alex Salmond is crafty, he may well get people over the edge before they know it.”

Apparently, Rennie is talking about independence and the proposed SNP Government referendum on the subject.  He, as a British Unionist, is against the Scots being allowed to govern themselves, and makes his position clear in a Sunday Herald interview when he says, “Our vote and the Tory vote are quite against independence.”  So, not only are they in bed with the Conservatives in London, the Lib Dems have also now fully signed-up to the Tory’s anti-Scottish agenda and will work with them in attempting to stop Scotland from becoming a normal, independent nation.

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