Sunday, 31 July 2011

Fascists hounded out of North Ayrshire

For the previous week the knuckle-draggers of the Scottish Defence League (SDL) had been posting their perverted, bigoted bile on far-right web sites, promising to descend on Irvine.  The date for the SDL ‘protest’ in North Ayrshire was last Saturday (July 30) and, on the day, around 40 intellectual and social inadequates managed to find their way to the Bridgegate, outside the shopping mall  in Irvine.

Once there, the small group attempted to hand out their leaflets of hate, but few of the North Ayrshire public wanted anything to do with them.  In fact, as he refused a leaflet , one Irvine man loudly said, “If that’s the master race, God help us!”

The SDL claims to be defending Scotland from Islam - they apparently believe we are in danger of sleepwalking into an Islamist State governed by Sharia law – and they target their hate-filled campaigns at areas of high unemployment and poverty, hoping to persuade locals that their fate is the fault of some all-powerful Islamist conspiracy, rather than because of the capitalist economic policies pursued by successive British governments.

The SDL is an offshoot of the English Defence League, and both populate the far-right of the political spectrum – they even hate the British National Party (BNP) for being too ‘namby-pamby’.

Put quite simply, these people are fascists.  They are racists, bigots and too stupid to understand why ordinary, decent human-beings find them totally repulsive. 

In Irvine, the SDL was outnumbered by three-times as many anti-racism protestors, and by officers from Strathclyde Police.  Then, after being shunned by the people of North Ayrshire, the right-wing troglodytes scuttled away, back to their hate-filled, inadequate wee lives.

They can now add North Ayrshire to the areas of Scotland that have rejected them and their perverted message.

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