Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The best Labour could come up with to defend their British Union

Clearly Labour Party leader Ed Miliband thinks everyone in Scotland is stupid. 

In his speech to the Labour conference today, he gave an example of a Scottish woman who took ill at a previous Labour conference in Liverpool, saying that if Scotland was an independent country the woman would have been a ‘foreigner’ and would not have got the treatment she needed at a Liverpool hospital. 

In fact, the NHS in Scotland and England are already completely separate entities, which is why the NHS in Scotland is not being privatised, unlike the NHS in England under the Tories.  The NHS in Scotland is already the responsibility of the SNP Scottish Government. 

The Scottish woman to which Miliband referred got her treatment in Liverpool because she needed it and there is a reciprocal arrangement between the NHS in Scotland and the NHS in England – just as there is with other countries, such as France and Germany. 

If the woman Miliband spoke about became a ‘foreigner’ after independence, it would be because he and his English political colleagues chose to make her one.  Even if, for some strange reason, they chose to do that, it would not affect her right to NHS treatment under the reciprocal arrangement that already exists between the NHS in Scotland and the NHS in England.

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