Wednesday, 10 September 2014

The voice of Scotland

Scotland is going to be an independent country. It’s happening!

Today (September 10), we’ve got London-based politicians visiting for the day to tell us we should vote against taking control of our own country and our own lives -  but their contributions, so far, have shown just how out of touch they are with the people of Scotland.

Tory David Cameron said it shouldn’t be about Scots “giving the effing Tories a kicking”.  Apparently, the man who claims to be ‘our’ Prime Minister thinks we are shallow, short-sighted, foul-mouthed individuals.

In reality, independence isn’t about Cameron or the Tories – other than the fact that, with independence, there would never again be a Tory Government in Scotland – it is about returning to Scots the full powers we need to build a better, fairer country; powers that only come with independence, which is the status held by virtually every nation in the world.

Lib Dem Nick Clegg – the man who promised no increase to student tuition fees in England...before joining with the Tories to increase student tuition fees in England – has promised Scotland that if we reject the full powers of independence, he will allow us some extra powers. So that’s the British Unionist offer – refuse ALL the powers and we will give you just some of them.

Ed Miliband has just said “independence drives you away from social justice”.  This, from the man whose party introduced the Bedroom Tax, which backs the Tories’ austerity programme that is punishing ordinary people and forcing thousands of children into poverty.  It is his party that proposes to remove benefits from unemployed people under the age of 21.  If that’s your idea of social justice, Mr Miliband, you can keep it.  An independent Scotland can do much better by putting the interests of the people before the profit margins of multi-national corporations and the bonuses of bankers in the City of London.

Former Labour Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott (now Lord Prescott) has delivered what he calls a revolutionary thought.  He thinks there should be a UK football team rather than Scotland and England competing in their own right.  Prescott said, “Maybe if Scotland and England played together in the same team, we could finally beat the Germans.”  Apparently, the noble Lord Prescott believes Scots don’t particularly care about our national football team, and believes that we share an English animosity towards Germany.

These English politicians are visiting Scotland for the day, not because they actually want the people of Scotland to remain in the British Union – they don’t really love us - but because they don’t want Westminster (i.e. them) to lose control of Scotland’s vast wealth; the very same wealth that, with independence, will be used by the Scottish Government to meet the needs and aspirations of the people of Scotland.

Residents of Scotland are no longer listening to the scare-stories of the British Unionists: we know we can manage our own affairs better than London-based political parties and politicians.

Yesterday, on the bus home, I happened to sit behind two students – a young man and a young woman – both, it transpired, will be voting for the first time next week.  The young man asked, “How are you voting next Thursday?”  The woman replied that she wasn’t sure.  The man said, “I’m voting ‘YES’.”

The woman said, “That’s probably how I’m going to vote.  Why are you voting ‘YES’?”

The young man replied, “I don’t want to see the NHS privatised like they’re doing in England.”

Today on the bus I found myself behind two female pensioners.  From my experience in politics and campaigning, I would have put them down as traditional Labour voters.

The first pensioner asked her friend, “What about this referendum?”

“I’m going to vote ‘YES’,” her pal replied.

“So am I,” the first woman said.

The second pensioner explained, “You know what’s made me decide to vote ‘YES’?  They [Cameron, Miliband, Clegg] are all up here telling us we need to vote against independence.  They are desperate for us to stay in the UK.  They are desperate for us not to go independent.  That makes me think we must have something they want.  Why are they so desperate to keep us?  If we were a burden they would be desperate to get rid of us, but they’re desperate not to lose us.”

Her pal said, “They’ve been robbing us for years.  Where did all the oil money go for the past 30 or 40 years?  We certainly haven’t seen it.  Look at the unemployment in Scotland and the foodbanks.”

Today, we have been visited by London-based politicians who want to keep control of Scotland’s wealth, and who want to deny us the right to run our own country, in our own interests – but the young students and the pensioners on the bus are the voice of Scotland, and Scotland is going to say ‘YES’.

Scotland is going to be an independent country.  It’s happening!

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